Our programs, facilities and services are supported by the following departments:


Administration is responsible for:

  • overall management of the operations for the Regional District
  • ensuring policies, programs, services and other directives of the Board are implemented.
  • providing advice and information on the operation and affairs of the Regional District.
Economic Development
The Economic Development Commission, comprised of the Regional Board Directors for the six electoral areas and municipalities of Stewart, Hazelton and New Hazelton is committed to collaboration among communities, organizations and governments to provide resources that contribute to the overall economic and social well-being of the region. Through the continuous research, enhancement and promotion of economic development activities, the Commission will adapt to the fluctuating economic environment of the region.
Emergency Services

We rely on staff and volunteers of the Fire Departments and Emergency Support Services (ESS) Program to provide services that include:

  • Fire suppression
  • Public education
  • Reception Centers and Group Lodging
  • Referrals for food, clothing, lodging and specialized services in the event of an emergency evacuation

Finance plays a key role in planning and providing timely and accurate financial information to facilitate the decision making needs of the Board, senior management and external stakeholders.  Staff are also  responsible for:
• accounts payable / accounts receivable
• staff payroll
• utility billing
• records of tickets and fines
• management of municipal funds and investments
• produces annual financial statements
• leads the process of preparing the financial plan

Planning and Development Services

Planning and Development Services :

  • Provides advice and assistance related to the regulation of land use development, development application processing and bylaw enforcement.
  • Guidance on planning for Heritage, Active Transportation, and Wildfire Protection, as well as assisting other departments in different projects as required.
  • Establishes policies and guidelines for building and land-use within the Regional District.
  • Administration of various land-use regulations, development bylaws, processing various development applications and responding to referrals from various agencies. 
  • Includes mapping and GIS.

Regulatory Services

The Regulatory Services department oversees Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement as well as Dog Control for Thornhill (Electoral Area E). 

Works & Services

Works and Services undertakes the maintenance and operations of:

  • Water systems in certain areas
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Solid Waste Management including facilities, programs and services
  • Liquid Waste Management systems in certain areas
  • Parks and playground maintenance
  • Capital Project planning and implementation
  • Engineering, design and project management.