The Rural Terrace Water System provides community water services to portions of Brauns Island and North Terrace including, Dutch Valley, parts of Kalum Lake Road, Johns Road, Glen Road, Orde Road, and parts of Merkley Road. Click here for the Service Area Map.

The City of Terrace supplies water to the system and provides water quality monitoring services. The system was constructed to typical Municipal Standards and provides reliable quality water and a high fire protection standard.

Water Restrictions
To conserve water supplies for consumption and fire protection, the City of Terrace may impose water restrictions. See the City of Terrace Bylaw 1326-1993 for more information.
Water Quality
Your drinking water undergoes routine water quality analysis to ensure that residents are provided with clean, safe water. It meets quality standards set out in the BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation, BC Drinking Water Protection Act and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality health-based parameters. See the City of Terrace Annual Water System Report for 2017.
System Flushing
The City of Terrace flushes the water system twice per year in the spring and the fall to promote refreshing of potable water.

Connect or Disconnect to This Water System

Please contact the Regional District Accounting Department at 250-615-6100 to assist you.

Emergency Response Plan
Every water system is required to have an emergency response plan.
  • Emergency After Hours
  • Daytime
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