We co-manage the South Hazelton Water System with the District of New Hazelton. 

This System consists of a water intake and infiltration gallery, chlorination and ultra-violet disinfection treatment facilities (including a primary and back-up power supply), an equalization reservoir South Hazelton Intakenear the water intake and, a fire reservoir and pump located at the Fire Hall.

The Regional District has an agreement with the District of New Hazelton for provision of system operations and general maintenance.

Contact District of Hazelton for:

- Water shut offs/on (you or your plumber requires assistance)
- Concerns of lack of water pressure or water quality
- Emergency calls such as no water or leaks evident

Contact Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine for:

- Questions regarding billing, water rates,  and bylaws
- New connections to the water system such as a new subdivided lot or a lot that has never been connected to the water system
- Connection or disconnection

Water Restrictions
Water restrictions are implemented when required to conserve drinking water. Watering restrictions help ensure that residents continue to have a high-quality water supply to provide for residential consumption and fire protection.
For the Stages of Water Restrictions and what they mean, see details.
Water Quality
Your drinking water undergoes routine water quality analysis to ensure that residents are provided with clean, safe water. Residents can take pride in their drinking water. It continually meets or exceeds quality standards set out in the BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation BC Drinking Water Protection Act and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality health-based parameters.
Flushing Schedules
The water system is flushed regularly to refresh water in the system. There are two types of regular flushing:

Dead-end flushing - Linear lines that are not looped (dead end) are flushed the first week of every month to refresh stagnant water, or

Full system flush - Every valve in the system is operated annually and a uni-directional flush of the system is performed to remove sediment. This typically take 2 weeks.
Apply to Connect or Disconnect
Please contact the Regional District Accounting Department to assist you.
  • District of Hazelton Daytime
  • District of Hazelton After Hours Emergency
    250-842-6571 and press ‘1' to be connected to the answering machine
  • RDKS
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