Financial Services is responsible for preparation of the annual budget information, property tax requisitions,  annual Five-Year Plans, along with billing and collecting user fees for Regional District managed services.

The 2023-2027 Financial Plan was adopted on March 24, 2023. Kitimat-Stikine Five-Year Financial Plan 2023-2027 Bylaw #781, 2023 and other relevant documents are listed below.

2023-2027 Capital Plan

2023-2027 Financial Plan Summary

BYLAW 781-23


Property Taxes

The main source of revenue for the Regional District is Property Tax which is also referred to as the tax requisition. The tax requisition is calculated as part of the annual budget process. This amount is then converted into a tax rate per $1000 of assessed residential value using values determined by BC Assessment.   Learn More about assessed property value. 

Taxes are billed and collected on behalf of the Regional Districts by the Surveyor of Taxes.

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine is not a taxing authority therefore we cannot issue Property Tax notices nor can we accept property tax payments. 

Your property is considered to be in a rural area if it is not located in a city, town, district or village. When you own property or lease Crown land in a rural area, you will receive your property tax notice from the province's Surveyor of Taxes Office every June. You pay your property taxes to the Province.

Rural Property Tax applies to land outside cities, towns, district and village boundaries in British Columbia.  You pay Rural Property Tax if you own land or occupy Crown Land outside a municipal boundary.  Both the land and any improvements on it, including residences, manufactured homes, and commercial or industrial buildings.

How to Pay Your Property Taxes

Property taxes may be paid as follows:

  • at Service BC
  • in person at your bank, Credit Union or Trust Company
  • by mail - payable to the Minister of Finance - mailing address Surveyor of Taxes, PO Box 9446, STN Prov Govt, Victoria BC  V8W 9V6
  • through your mortgage agreement
  • by Internet/Telephone banking