We provide Dog Control services for the residents of Thornhill (Electoral Area E) and Copperside Estates including:

  • dog licensing, 
  • monitoring standards of care,
  • response to issues such as barking dogs, dogs at large or aggressive dogs.

Dog Licenses

Dogs four months and older must have a dog license for identification purposes. Failure to have a valid license can result in a $125 fine.

Benefits of a Dog License

Being a responsible pet owner has its perks – not just for your dog, but for other dogs in Thornhill, too!

You're more likely to get your dog back if it goes missing.

If we pick up your missing dog, it gets a free pick up and return once per calendar year.

Funding from your licensing fee allows us to provide emergency response for hurt of stray animals, public education and awareness, and enforcement of pet rules for public safety.

Dog Licenses - Buy or Renew - Valid until January 2 each year

Annual license fee is $20 per dog, per year 
A $10 late fee will be added for licenses obtained after January 2nd of each calendar year
Not spayed or neutered annual fee is $60 per dog

Is your dog a service dog? The dog license is free.

Obtain a License - available at two locations

Thornhill Animal Shelter Hours

3856 Desjardins Street     Monday to Friday
  12:30 pm to 4:30 pm 
                                                                  Closed statutory holidays

Regional District Office Hours
300-4545 Lazelle Ave    Monday to Friday 
  8:30 am to 4:30 pm 
  Closed statutory holidays

Please contact the RCMP if  you are outside the service area, and require assistance with loose or aggressive dogs.

Are you interested in having your community added to the service area? Click here