Why Choose the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine?

With its strategic location, growing population, flourishing industries, and abundant opportunities, the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine (RDKS) offers an exceptional environment for businesses and individuals to thrive.

Connecting Businesses to the World

Our region is located in Northwestern British Columbia, and is positioned to connect to major markets like Vancouver and other key destinations. It serves as a vital gateway to the Pacific Ocean through its ports in Kitimat and Stewart and proximity to the Port of Prince Rupert. The region’s network of roadways, rail lines, and airports ensures seamless access to various markets and facilitates efficient trade and transportation for businesses and investors.


Fueling Economic Prosperity and Growth

The RDKS features a resilient and diversified economy driven by various industries, including education, health care, construction, and natural resources. Over the last five years, the region has witnessed significant employment growth in aluminum production, engineering services, and hospitality. The presence of major projects, growing population and increasing household incomes make the RDKS an attractive destination for businesses and talent seeking new opportunities.


Where Nature, Affordability, and Lifestyle Meet

The RDKS is renowned for its outstanding quality of life, offering a small-town atmosphere amid stunning natural landscapes. This region boasts friendly and welcoming communities, where residents enjoy close-knit relationships and a shared sense of belonging. The RDKS provides a competitive housing market, with prices below those in major urban areas like Vancouver. With a median family income surpassing the provincial average, RDKS ensures a higher standard of living while promoting a strong sense of community and affordability for its residents.


Skilled, Diverse, and Education-Ready

The region boasts a skilled and diverse workforce, with a strong presence in trades, healthcare, and construction. Educational opportunities are abundant, with satellite campuses of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Coast Mountain College, and Northern Lights College. These institutions offer programs in fields like architecture, engineering, business, and healthcare, ensuring that the workforce remains well-equipped and adaptable to the evolving needs of the region's growing economy.


Major Projects Fuel Growth and Opportunities

The RDKS is home to a diverse array of major projects presenting significant economic opportunities. These projects include sectors like transportation, healthcare, natural resource development, and industrial expansion. The presence of these ongoing and proposed initiatives reflects the potential for growth in the RDKS, attracting businesses and investors seeking to capitalize on these ventures.


A Vast Landscape of Market Potential

Situated in Northwestern British Columbia, the vast Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine spans over 100,000 km². Home to approximately 41,000 residents, it includes urban hubs like Terrace and Kitimat, among others. With growing household incomes and a population projected to surpass 45,000 by 2025, the region presents lucrative opportunities for businesses.


Find the Perfect Location for Your Business

The Regional District's prime location, robust workforce, and growing economy offer boundless opportunities. Find your ideal commercial property now to unlock the RDKS's full potential.


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