Declaration and Permits

Learn more about our declaration process and apply online for various permits. They protect both the owner's interests and those of the community at large.  Failure to obtain proper permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed. 

Permits can take up to two weeks to process so please plan ahead!

Declaration Procedures and Building Permits



Zoning relates to building, land use, how you use your property and subdivision.  It's important your building or renovation projects meet our zoning requirements and bylaws.

This includes:

  • How large a lot can be
  • What you can build on a property (i.e. building type and size)
  • Where you can build on a property
  • How buildings can be used
  • Any parking requirements that must be followed

For any building or renovation project, ask our Planning department these questions:

  • What’s the current zoning on my land?
  • Is my proposed building or renovation project permitted?
  • What are the details of the current or proposed zone I want to build within?

Learn more about zoning.