Lakelse Lake Lakeshore Development

The Regional District has produced Lakeshore Development Guidelines for Lakelse Lake to make project planning easier and the results better for the environment. The Guidelines do not represent new policy but consolidate best management practices and information on regulations and permitting requirements of the several government agencies which have jurisdiction around lakes. The Guidelines describe a typical activity a property owner might undertake in developing a property (e.g., install a floating dock) and through web links provide valuable advice on how best to undertake the project and regulatory requirements.


Agri-tourism development is a growing trend within B.C as a way for farmers to add value to their farm businesses. With increased popularity in agri-tourism, the issue of accommodating these tourists in a responsible and sustainable manner has surfaced. The Agricultural Land Reserve Use, Subdivision and Procedure Regulation BC Reg. 171/2002 allows local governments the right to prohibit or allow these uses with restrictions. In accordance with these regulations, staff has drafted a policy that will promote sustainable forms of accommodation that reflects the original intent of the ALR regulations, while at the same time promoting agri-tourism amongst local property owners.

Rural Resort Zone

The Regional District has developed a Rural Resort Zone to regulate the development of small-scale destination resorts integrated with existing uses/facilities to serve the recreational pursuits of tourists in the region.

Mobile Home Parks with Non-Conforming Status Policy

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine established this policy to provide direction on the replacement of mobile Homes in “Non-conforming” Mobile Home Parks within the jurisdiction of the Regional District. It aims to limit hardship for occupants of mobile homes within non-conforming Mobile Home Parks by promoting compliance with health and safety codes and achieving long-term compliance with the Zoning Bylaws.