Thornhill Official Community Plan (2020)

Thornhill’s Official Community Plan (OCP) was adopted in June 2020 and identifies and articulates the community’s vision for the future. An OCP is a visionary document that guides decision-making and sets the course for how Thornhill wishes to evolve over the next 10 to 20 years. Important elements of an OCP include:

  • Providing direction for the growth and development of the community;
  • Stating in general terms the social, economic and environmental objectives of a community as they relate to land use planning;
  • Providing a tangible policy tool which elected officials, staff and the general public can use to evaluate development proposals; and
  • Identifying and establishing policy statements (and map designations where appropriate)

An OCP can provide a degree of certainty to the Regional District Board, Regional District staff, local businesses, developers and residents regarding the future form and character of a community.

As the highest-level policy document in any community, OCPs serve as a guide for elected officials and administration when making a wide range of decisions on matters such as zoning, land development and servicing, allocation of resources for infrastructure investments, and ensuring key elements that contribute to community quality of life are protected.

The goals of an OCP are implemented primarily through a zoning bylaw.

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